Making a Signature Candle


We take care of sourcing the perfect vessel to best represent our client's brand or idea. To navigate the challenges of procuring supplies, whenever possible, we support local artists and businesses in Alberta and across North America. ScentSmoke also specializes in upcycling glassware and other materials like porcelain, metal, and ceramics, to make vessels for candles.

Things to consider about candle vessels:

- Must be heat resistant and able to safely handle temperature changes up to 220 degrees

- Size and weight is a significant determination of the cost to make a candle

- Wicks need oxygen to stay burning so vessels with narrow openings won't burn as well,


There are plenty of candle waxes available on the market with varying degrees of hardness, color, and odor. We tested all types of wax and found the perfect ratio of soy and beeswax that carries fragrance well and cures to a smooth and opaque texture.

ScentSmoke's signature wax blend is the reason why our candles burn in the luxe category; slowly and evenly releasing fragrance throughout a room without the use of paraffin or additives. Our estimated burn time is 3-4 hours per oz.


Wicks are a critical part of the candle that can impact melt pools, burn time, scent diffusion, and smoke. The best wicks:

- Stay firm while burning

- Melt wax efficiently

- Easy to trim

- Good placement within the vessel.

At ScentSmoke, wick testing is included in design services.


Not all fragrance is created equal. Fragrance oils can contain harmful chemicals. At ScentSmoke, we stricly source phthlatate-free scents from reliable suppliers and use safe concentration levels in every pour.

Blending fragrance is the fun part! The science behind scent is powerful and can be associated with memories, emotions, and pleasure. Brainstorm a few favourite scent memories and we'll do the rest.

Scent samples are included and follow the initial consultation.


Finishing is another way to differentiate your signature candle in the market. We love pushing creative boundaries to elevate the visual aesthetic and lean into playing with color and texture.

  • Cost

    One time consultation fee

    Minimum order of 24 units to benefit from wholesale pricing.

  • SRP and Retail Price

    ScentSmoke gives business owners a minimum of 100% profit margins when selling ScentSmoke candles at the suggested retail price.

  • Reorder

    Our repurchase rate is 100% - meaning all our clients continue to sell out and order more batches of signature candles.