• Craftsmanship and Quality

    The ScentSmoke process and formula is how we've achieved consistency and quality in our candle production. Since 2021, we've poured over 1,000 candles from our studio in Edmonton, Alberta.

  • Profit Potential

    We aim to give businesses 100% profit margins when selling their candles at the suggested retail price. Wholesale pricing starts at just 24 units!

  • Brand Growth

    Our mission is to help grow brands and businesses with candle art. Candles are the perfect add-on that will burn slow long after customers leave your shop.

Making a Signature Candle

ScentSmoke specializes in wholesaling private label brand candles.


Candles are the gateway to memories, emotions, and pleasure. We dive deep into your brand to understand what makes it unique and translate that emotion into a bepsoke candle.

Our consultation includes full size samples until we get it right.

it's all about you


We are commited to ethically sourcing raw materials. Our network of suppliers are small businesses across North America who similarly value sustainability, transparency, and safety.

Our talent is elevating your candle design that will stand out in the market.

we push creative boundaries


Once we finalize your candle design, we'll provide you the specs and wholesale pricing so you can begin the fulfillment process!

Here's what to expect when ordering:

  • Wholesale orders are sent by email
  • Reviewing and paying the agreed invoice
  • Turnaround time is two weeks
  • Weekly updates on order status
  • Delivery or shipping right to your store
  • Candles will sell out

consistent and reliable service